New Faces in Political Methodology VII Conference Papers

Papers presented at the Conference on April 26, 2014

Brandon Stewart, Harvard University

                  Conference paper: “Computer assisted text analysis for comparative politics”, available here

Constanza Schibber, Washington University in St. Louis

                  Conference paper: "The Success of the Legislative Median: Variations in the Separation of Powers and Budget

                                               Allocations", available here

Jason Morgan, The Ohio State University

                  Conference paper: "The Latent Path Model for Dynamic Social Networks with an Application to Party Switching in

                                                Poland", available here

Emily Schilling, University of Iowa

                  Conference paper: “Field of Forces: Strategic Interdependence in Legislative Behavior”, available here

Neelanjan Sircar, Columbia University

                   Conference paper: “Analyzing Randomized Experiments with Spillovers” , available here

Adeline Lo, University of California, San Diego

                   Conference paper: “Predicting Civil Wars with Higher Order Interactions”, available here

Yuki Shiraito, Princeton University

                   Conference paper: “Strengthening Weak Instruments by Modeling Compliance” , available here

Paasha Mahdavi, University of California, Los Angeles

                    Conference paper: “Extortion in the Oil States: Nationalization, Regulatory Structure and Corruption” , available here